Bathroom Safety Tips and Recommendations for Seniors & Handicapped


Regardless of the precautions taken a slip and fall is always at issue when dealing with mobility problems. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the likelihood of injuries in the bathroom increases with age.

Above 80% of all traumas are due to falls. Slippery surfaces, high humidity and other factors require special attention to safety. We advise you to take the following tips seriously for your own health and well-being.

  • Place a mat on the floor in wet areas and use non slip strips. Such tapes are safe, they are of high strength and durability. Also, they are easily cleaned with household detergents and comfortable for bare feet.
  • Install handicap grab bars and safety rails in the bathtub. Sometimes there is a slight weakness after a hot shower or bath. So you need to lean on something to coordinate movements.
  • Buy the best handheld shower head. This device allows you to select the optimal water supply and turns the bathing into enjoyment. Weighted shower curtain is indispensable as well, unless you want to flood the bathroom with water.
  • Invest in the shower base. The perfect handicap shower base does not have side walls. The matte surface with anti-slip coating provides stability and reliability during water procedures. The shower with such a base becomes much safer and gives an opportunity to act independently.
  • Use raised toilet seat and bedside commode chair – universal devices with handrails and armrests. They adds extra height, facilitating a comfortable sitting down or standing up from the toilet.

Finally, consider buying a walk in bathtub. This is a great investment if you have adequate financial resources. JUST CLICK THIS LINK!!!

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How Much Do Walk In Bathtubs Cost?


A walk in tub is an ideal addition to any bathroom, especially for those who are experiencing mobility issues. As you may know, the stand bathtub can quickly become a hazard for someone with an injury attempting to enter and exit the tub. Hopefully you found this blog before you suffered from a slip and fall injury like so many others. 

The first question most people ask is “how much do they cost”? The good news is that they are affordable, however, the more features included in your tub the more expensive it will be. With that being said, on average they cost (including installation) around $3,000 – $10,000. 


The installation of a standard walk-in tub into a typical retrofit bathroom is usually straightforward. The old tub will be removed, along with the row of tile (if applicable) that adjoins it on the walls. Because the new walk-in tub is likely to be much deeper, or higher, than the old tub, you will likely need to retile or replace the walls of the tub area as well, particularly if you plan on using the tub as a shower as well. 

In most cases, the cost of this is comparable to a standard bathtub installation, which typically takes from 6 to 8 hours at around $45-$65 an hour, with many people paying around $700 for a standard installation. 


There may be some additional costs depending on the type of tub you buy.  Possible costs included could be the following:

  • plumbing (upgrading your pipes to a ¾-inch diameter will enable the tub to fill more quickly),
  • electrical (some tubs require a dedicated circuit of 15 amps and a GFCI grounding for use in the bathroom), and
  • possibly upgrading your water heater (walk in tubs hold between 50-80 gallons). 

As you can see the walk in tubs are affordable, however, they can quickly become pricy depending on the type of tube as well as additional cost that may be included. But, at the end of the day there is nothing more important than your health. The benefits you will get from the therapeutic effects of the walk in tub greatly out weigh the cost. 

Start making yourself a priority today and purchase your own walk in bathtub!!! 

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Best Walk In Tubs


Through much research in the area of walk in tubs, I have complied a list of the best walk in tubs built for comfort. Included in my list is the best overall walk in tub, the best value for a walk in tub, and the best walk in tubs for wheelchair accessibility. Further, each walk in tub has speciality features that fit the needs of specific people. These speciality features include soaking, water therapy, and wheelchair access. Simply click the link under each tub for a more detailed description of that tubs specific features. 


The Ella Ultimate 93217 is more like a spa that has almost anything you could want in a bathtub and shower combo, with a triple-massage design that sets it apart. It fills and empties fast with dual drains so you don’t have to sit in the cold for long. It has 26 air and water jets to massage your back, feet and legs. It has two grab bars to make it easy to get in and out and a nicely textured floor for stability. Its handles are all easy to access and use. It doesn’t have easy wheelchair accessibility, unfortunately, but it has just about everything else.


The Ariel Walk-In Bathtub EZWT-3060-L is a basic, economical walk-in bathtub with several safety features that make it ADA-compliant and easy for almost anyone with limited mobility to use. The door has a low threshold that lets you step in easily. The textured floor prevents slips, whether it’s wet or dry. This model also includes a grab bar to help with stability. It has a basic feature package but does allow you to pay extra and get add-on jets.


Regardless of your level of mobility, the Kohler Elevance Rising Wall K-1913-LB can meet your bathtub needs. It is both ADA-compliant and wheel-chair accessible, and it’s designed so you can spread out and relax. The faucet fills the tub in less than five minutes and the dual drains empty in less than two, so you don’t have to sit long without water to keep you warm. The tub’s seals are protected by a lifetime warranty.

The biggest difference between a wheelchair-accessible bathtub and a standard walk-in tub is the door opening. One of the issues with a walk-in tub is the narrow opening that is next to the built-in seat, which makes it nearly impossible for someone who cannot walk to get into the tub without help. For these circumstances, there are tubs with large doors that open wide with clear access to the chair-height seat, making it easier to slide from a wheelchair to the tub. 


One of the leaders in medical equipment, AmeriGlide offers a few wheelchair-accessible tub options. This Sanctuary model is 60 inches long and 30 inches wide, which means it can fit in a standard bathtub alcove. The outward-opening door swings wide and offers direct access to the 22-inch-high seat. This tub holds 65 gallons of water and can be used as a soaking tub, or you can add on features such as water or air jets.                                                 

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Walk-In Tubs For Seniors

The Advantages Of Having A Walk-In Bathtub If You Are A Senior

Over time, as we age we begin to suffer from the common aches and pains associated with living a long life. As a direct result our bodies require more maintenance, and self love, in which case there is nothing more soothing than a relaxing bath with massage jets.                                  


The issue is that in todays age, the common household bathtub does not meet these needs. And even worse it can be a deadly hazard for a person with mobility issues trying to enter and exit the tub. 

The best way to eliminate these issues is to get a walk-in bath tub. You will notice the benefits immediately, first and foremost, the presence of a door used to enter and exit the tub virtually eliminate the slip and fall risk. Below I will be discussing in more detail more advantages that come with owning your own walk-in massage bathtub.     

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Usually walk-in bathtubs are equipped with one door that opens and closes on its front or on the side of the bathtub. The presence of this door gives the users an ability to safely enter the bathtub without lifting their legs over the threshold. 

 Additionally there are built-in grab bars, anti-slip floors, and a seat with textured padding, all of which make it easier for seniors to have balance and prevent other possible injuries.

The sealing on the doors of these special walk-in bathtubs helps the water stay in the tub and not flood the floor. The fast draining facilities included in most of the types of these walk-in bathtubs makes exiting quick and easy.

There are various walk-in bathtubs which are not only safe but also come with the therapeutic power of hydrotherapy. Apart from this, there are various other therapeutic features added in some brands of walk-in bathtubs. For example, aromatherapy, light therapy, hydro jet therapy, and soothing air therapy. All these therapeutic features in the walk-in bathtub surely make it a must have for a senior.