Walk-In Tubs For Seniors

The Advantages Of Having A Walk-In Bathtub If You Are A Senior

Over time, as we age we begin to suffer from the common aches and pains associated with living a long life. As a direct result our bodies require more maintenance, and self love, in which case there is nothing more soothing than a relaxing bath with massage jets.                                  


The issue is that in todays age, the common household bathtub does not meet these needs. And even worse it can be a deadly hazard for a person with mobility issues trying to enter and exit the tub. 

The best way to eliminate these issues is to get a walk-in bath tub. You will notice the benefits immediately, first and foremost, the presence of a door used to enter and exit the tub virtually eliminate the slip and fall risk. Below I will be discussing in more detail more advantages that come with owning your own walk-in massage bathtub.     

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Usually walk-in bathtubs are equipped with one door that opens and closes on its front or on the side of the bathtub. The presence of this door gives the users an ability to safely enter the bathtub without lifting their legs over the threshold. 

 Additionally there are built-in grab bars, anti-slip floors, and a seat with textured padding, all of which make it easier for seniors to have balance and prevent other possible injuries.

The sealing on the doors of these special walk-in bathtubs helps the water stay in the tub and not flood the floor. The fast draining facilities included in most of the types of these walk-in bathtubs makes exiting quick and easy.

There are various walk-in bathtubs which are not only safe but also come with the therapeutic power of hydrotherapy. Apart from this, there are various other therapeutic features added in some brands of walk-in bathtubs. For example, aromatherapy, light therapy, hydro jet therapy, and soothing air therapy. All these therapeutic features in the walk-in bathtub surely make it a must have for a senior.



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