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Through much research in the area of walk in tubs, I have complied a list of the best walk in tubs built for comfort. Included in my list is the best overall walk in tub, the best value for a walk in tub, and the best walk in tubs for wheelchair accessibility. Further, each walk in tub has speciality features that fit the needs of specific people. These speciality features include soaking, water therapy, and wheelchair access. Simply click the link under each tub for a more detailed description of that tubs specific features. 


The Ella Ultimate 93217 is more like a spa that has almost anything you could want in a bathtub and shower combo, with a triple-massage design that sets it apart. It fills and empties fast with dual drains so you don’t have to sit in the cold for long. It has 26 air and water jets to massage your back, feet and legs. It has two grab bars to make it easy to get in and out and a nicely textured floor for stability. Its handles are all easy to access and use. It doesn’t have easy wheelchair accessibility, unfortunately, but it has just about everything else.


The Ariel Walk-In Bathtub EZWT-3060-L is a basic, economical walk-in bathtub with several safety features that make it ADA-compliant and easy for almost anyone with limited mobility to use. The door has a low threshold that lets you step in easily. The textured floor prevents slips, whether it’s wet or dry. This model also includes a grab bar to help with stability. It has a basic feature package but does allow you to pay extra and get add-on jets.


Regardless of your level of mobility, the Kohler Elevance Rising Wall K-1913-LB can meet your bathtub needs. It is both ADA-compliant and wheel-chair accessible, and it’s designed so you can spread out and relax. The faucet fills the tub in less than five minutes and the dual drains empty in less than two, so you don’t have to sit long without water to keep you warm. The tub’s seals are protected by a lifetime warranty.

The biggest difference between a wheelchair-accessible bathtub and a standard walk-in tub is the door opening. One of the issues with a walk-in tub is the narrow opening that is next to the built-in seat, which makes it nearly impossible for someone who cannot walk to get into the tub without help. For these circumstances, there are tubs with large doors that open wide with clear access to the chair-height seat, making it easier to slide from a wheelchair to the tub. 


One of the leaders in medical equipment, AmeriGlide offers a few wheelchair-accessible tub options. This Sanctuary model is 60 inches long and 30 inches wide, which means it can fit in a standard bathtub alcove. The outward-opening door swings wide and offers direct access to the 22-inch-high seat. This tub holds 65 gallons of water and can be used as a soaking tub, or you can add on features such as water or air jets.                                                 

Ella Wheelchair Transfer Hydro Massage Acrylic Walk In Bath (EOH51293R), Fast Drain, 29.75"W x 51.25"L (60" with Extension Panel) x 37.5"H, Right Side Door and Drain, White, walk in massage bathtub
Ella Wheelchair Transfer Hydro Massage Acrylic Walk In Bath

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